99designs Vs CrowdSpring

Hey guys and girls!

I’m fairly new to this as a subject but i have had several colleagues at work pushing me at both of these companies in obtaining our new marketing material.

I thought i would throw this out to the crowd to see what the overall verdict was when looking at these two companies… in other words: i need help!

Current situation is this: As a operations business manager, in the past the biggest problem i have had around design is working with a single designer. I hate being limited by the ideas of a single individual as it depends on their skills and their headspace. For whatever the reason, it has always meant getting work done has been a headache. Recently being introduced to crowdsourcing has been my saviour!

Who to use though???

I have heard good things about 99designs, but i have also heard good things about CrowdSpring… both websites look fairly slick and the offerings seem somewhat similar. As a crowdsourcing newbie and a long time sitepoint forum lurker ;), i thought i would see what people have to say about them…?

Negative, positive - whatever!

Thanks guys!!!

Hannah :smiley:

I’ve never used CrowdSource, so I can’t attest to it.

However, I used 99designs a while back for a logo and was very pleased with the results. I offered $300 and go something like 50 different designs to choose from. As long as you are offering a reasonable amount, you can get very nice designs (hint: $100 not a good price for a website design. =p).

Both are piles of sh*t that only serve the untalented and cheap.

For starters, 99designs offers an 800 phone number so you can talk to an actual human being anytime before, during or after the launch of your project. 99designs offers a 100% money back guarantee, while CrowdSPRING keeps part of your money even if you’re unhappy with the results. And hey, CS thought 99designs was good enough for their own logo: $200 Logo Design - crowdSPRING | 99designs

I’ve used 99designs a couple of years ago and had no issues, it was all pretty straight forward. Having said that, i would imagine that they have made it pretty special by now having had years of further development behind them!

Crowd Spring i haven’t used but i have heard that they don’t get nearly as much traffic as 99designs…


I’ve used 99designs a couple of times and have been very happy. Not sure what the differences are, but I can vouch for 99d. Very helpful phone support too.

Isn’t 99Designs owned by Matt M. / SitePoint? How stupid does someone have to be to spam a clone of a website on another property of its owner? Why is this post not deleted?

I think 99designs is popular compare to crowdspring and crowdsourcing.
so it would be better if you could try the 99designs because you can ask more people who have tried this site.