99designs Scam?

I have just started a flower business and don’t have much budget :frowning: need a good company logo through a logo design contest site. 99designs is claimed to be the top crowdsourcing site but at the same time there are different online reviews about 99designs scam.

Can anyone tell if 99designs is a scam and if its a good idea getting logo design from them. Also, do recommend other top logo design contest sites.

99Designs is a sister site of SitePoint, and is definitely not a scam. Give it a go. :slight_smile:

99designs received $35 million in funding from Accel Venture Partners (the same venture capitalists who are behind Facebook, Groupon, DropBox, AdMob). Check out all the press coverage the company has gotten in Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal… 99designs also won a Webby Award for “Best Web Service” and was named a “Brilliant 100” company by Entrepreneur Magazine.