Anyone think of a price for this webiste?

I have full rights to this and can sell it to anyone who would like to have it. But I don’t know where to sell it and for how much. I don’t make any money whit it because I don’t promote it. I myself bought it for 697 dollar.

Any good tips would be appreciated.:slight_smile:

if you don’t make any money with it, it’s going to be difficult to put a price tag on it as most websites are sold based on their average monthly income. Unfortunately, the excuse “I don’t promote it” doesn’t help either.

A few questions, when did you buy it, why did you buy it, based on what information and what did you expect from it.

Where to sell: flippa

I bought it in the end of 2008, I bought it on the terms that they would provide me whit a training on how to sell the product, never got the training, on that information and the hype i expected to make nice amounts of money whit it.

If I know how to promote it I would but have no idea for now. Don’t know what keywords to use and so on. Tried to find out some stuff but it didn’t work out until now.

The pr of 0 and sparse amount of links will hurt the value of the site. The best thing you could do -> promote the site and get links along with pr.

Right now the best you would probably do is $100 unless I am missing something like good traffic # and revenue.