Anyone Care to Spot me $200,000?

Richard Branson Unveils Virgin Galactic Spaceplane

[FONT=“Georgia”]This is very, very cool.

Anyone want to buy me a ticket?


yes, i do


That plan of going for a trip above the atmosphere is somehow impossible but I know that Richard Branson will do a lot of plans to be successful in that plan. I wish that I can go there for a trip, a once in a lifetime experience that I will surely not forget :slight_smile:

When SitePoint becomes a fortune 500 business and is raking in the billions, perhaps it’ll take us all on a ride in the vomit comet (that plane which gives everyone weightlessness). That would be pretty fun… plus what better place to chat about web design than as we hurtle towards the ground! :smiley:

I’ve heard that when Sitepoint starts raking in the billions and goes public, we get 1 share per post. Pretty sweet.

In other news, I would also love a trip in this thing of Branson’s, as long as it doesn’t suffer the fate of some of his balloons.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Having Silver Surfer’s powers would be fun. Or Dr. Manhattan’s.

I’d happily spend a lifetime exploring the cosmos.


dont say i never give you anything :rolleyes:

[FONT=“Georgia”]woo hoo!



Private industry achieves in a few years and at a relatively tiny cost what NASA and big government couldn’t in decades. I might be biased but FU government.

Yep :slight_smile:

Rudy - it’s not a one way ticket - he’d come back…then think what he’d be like.:goof:


i would certainly hope he would come back, can you imagine this place without him?

i actually meant it in a nice way, not just to get rid of him

but alas, although i ~want~ to spot him the two hunnert large, i’m afraid i don’t gots it


please note that in sitepoint forums, we have a rule that says “FU politics”

~no~ political discussion is allowed, full stoip

datura, you should be pointing this out to him, not acting as an enabler

My bad, apologies!

Gotta give props to Branson though, the dude knows how to get s**t done!

I’m sure you want but… can you afford to buy the ticket for him? and… would you do it? :stuck_out_tongue:

if i could afford it, yes

but i already said i don’t gots da money


A towel should do. Otherwise all I know about outer space is wrong!

As long as your best friend turns out to be from somewhere in the neighbourhood of Betelgeuse then that should be all you need. For anyone else some form of spaceship is usually also needed.


Thanks Rudy, but hang on to your wallet. I’m the type more inclined to build my own spaceship anyways. hmm… Maybe you could help me fund that instead.

And yup, ten points to private enterprise!

Would be nice to see services like this get some competition and get cheaper in future.


If the movie version is to be believed then Alan Rickman is actually a manic-depressive robot… which actually explains a lot :lol: