JetBlue taken to court

JetBlue has now been sued (after attempts to sort things out in non-litigious Structured Negotiations which apparently works well helping big companies deal with complex stuff like accessibility issues) for having a website and touch-screen kiosks which are not accessible to the blind or visually impaired.

Not that I would expect wonders from a table-based site using Transitional doctypes, 26 scripts in the head (with language=“javascript”) and markup like

<div style="width: 960px; position: relative;">
		<div style="position: absolute; width: 39px; height: 28px; background: url('/i/flag_new.gif'); top: 65px; right: 202px; text-indent: -10000em;">New!</div>

But then I’m sure their competition doesn’t look much prettier anyway.

So we’ll see if this ends up changing the website and kiosks (I dunno, changing a website’s not so hard, but those kiosk things, aren’t they like a bazillion dollars with proprietary software or something?). I’m pessimistic.

It is because they “refused to participate in Structured Negotiations” I suspect - pretty damn ignorant of them. I also see they’ve never heard of sensible alt attributes on their deals. Personally I think it’s probably the website being the main complaint after the fact they refused to even consider fixing things.