Did you see the Endeavor on it's final flight?

While a far departure from my normal thread I figure there’s more than a few other “tech” types here so why not…

I barely paid attention to the whole thing until I realized they were going to fly by my house this afternoon. So without any real though I grabbed my iPhone [but left my DSLr and power lenses on the table], wWent up to my build’s roof and spent a few minutes waiting. While the map didn’t show it this way, we all got treated to a view of the shuttle coming straight in and sure enough it stayed on course to go directly overhead. The photo does it no justice as it was simply unreal…

For those of you in California [or elsewhere via the news / twitter / blogs] did you follow the Endeavor’s final flight? Any photos?

Wow - that’s an great picture, @Ted_S. I hadn’t heard the news of the last flight. I recently tried photographing planes in flight for the first time - with a compact camera - at the local airport open day and discovered it wasn’t that easy, so I’m particularly impressed with your photo. :slight_smile:

Thanks but really I should have had a much better shot. The flight path the local news had showed the shuttle staying east of me… close enough to see but nothing special. Instead it flew right over head and made it’s uturn back north as the baseball stadium I live next too. Had I thought through this I would have taken more than my cellphone to the roof and got a real photo or 500.

I watched most of the flyovers on TV. The shot with the shuttle cruising just a few hundred feet above the Hollywood sign was pretty cool, and I was surprised at how low the 747 went when it was “buzzing” LAX :slight_smile: