Anybody using Stylizer: Another CSS editor?

Stylizer. It looks pretty cool. It only allows for editing of CSS and not HTML though. I wanted to see if anyone has tried it or do you have other recommendations for a CSS (and possibly HTML) editor ?

I use Crimson Editor, it’s good for both HTML, CSS and other languages.

is there such an editor that will actually recommend or fix various bugs for IE and other browsers while we code in it?

If you know CSS well, it doesn`t matter which editor you use for your creating web sites.

For some people even Notepad is good.

what about coffee cup software and body aware of it

I have not tried.

Notepad is good.

I love firebug for debug css in realtime.

Don’t forget nodepad++ I think it better than (M$)nodepad.

TopStyle 4 is in beta, read the FAQ for more info:

Thanks for the tip on Firebug Sjvb. Cool extension.

Style Master is another CSS editor for Mac and Windows. They’re currently developing a new version.

i downloaded the demo. so far it’s pretty cool cause it starts you off with a training on how to use the program. other than that i don’t know how well it’d fit in with my CMS work though.

i’m willing to try anything at this point though cause i’m finding CSS to be my biggest weakness. especially once you throw in the IE

just an update here: i spent the past 12 hours with the Stylizer demo on one of my sites that i was starting from scratch. i must say that without using a lot of the features, it was still very useful. i was able to get things in place quite fast and tomorrow i’m going to load it into the CMS and finish the site. it only crashed once and was quick to update the pages. i might consider buying this for sure.

I use Coda and CSSEdit (I prefer CSSEdit but the additional features Coda offers keep me using it most of the time).

The Stylizer interface is really cool. You can see a full review here.

use css editor in dreamweaver is practical…

JEdit is the choice for me. Fast, reliable and easy to use. Did I mention it’s free!

I second that! :cool:

looking at jedit’s website, it doesn’t do what stylizer does though. does it offer realtime tweaking of css? does it simplify the css selection process with dropdown menus? that’s what i remember stylizer doing.

alas i still use web developer toolbar in firefox. i keep hearing great things about firebug but i’d rather get to learn that one for javascript stuff.

Hey dude! Thanks for that link… I was just about to make a research on Stylizer and came across the link you posted :slight_smile: