Best CSS software editor


A quick and important question for me and many friends. what is the best CSS software editor ??

I’m using Dreamwaever but it’s like other CSS editor, what I’m looking about, is a way to view in what we edit in CSS directly, because i’m tired from refreshing the page thousands of time to check is the button move or not, or the border is better than before, …

I will be waiting your replies, to know if there is a best CSS editor or not.

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I see that style master has been recommended here. However, I heard that style master has all but been abandoned by John. Does any one know if this is true? I would have like to use this as I have a MAC at home and a PC at work so have been looking for something I can use on both.

P.S Information on Style Master demise is coming from there own support forum
If anyone knows something better I would love to hear.


I use CODA on my Mac, and I have all my server settings inputted so if I make a change just a quick Command+S and then refresh my browser.

CODA is real simple and easy and I can click and drag folders,pics,douments right into the explorer window and they are immediately uploaded to my site.

Style Master and firebug both are good!!

Firebug from within Firefox allows you to edit style settings directly in the page to see how they affect the display.
You can test, but you’d still need to edit the actual css file with the values that you’d determined you wanted using firebug.

Your in the wrong forum

Thanks Mark Baker for your advice, I will try it for sure and get back to you.

Thanks oddz, Unfortunatlly I don’t have Mac, I have have CSSedit on PC ?? vista our XP ??

There’s also the Web Developer toolbar for Firefox, which allows you to edit entire stylesheets and see the results on the fly.

Another program to check out is Style Master, which is available for both Mac and Windows.

I use text editor with Firebug to edit CSS. Once you have basic style setup in text editor, make real time changes with firebug, update CSS file.

If you put CSS in dreamweaver you can check out the design view which shows prestos rendering (like old Opera) though don’t rely on it. Overall I just use notepad and thetn firebug. Normally if I have to fix sommething and I go to firebug it’s something minor that I can easily just memorize.