Any one got paid for name my thingy?

I have got a lot of feedback on contest holders for my submissions and I really gave some really excellent names and tag lines . But so far I haven’t won anything nor have I heard of anyone winning something . Just wondering if people are manipulating the system or has anyone actually won the promised prize ???

Usually those are marketing tools to generate traffic.

I’ve submitted some names but have received neither feedback or the prize. Though I’m not sure my names we’re worthy of either. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

BrandingPro, I would guess that they weren’t as good as you thought they were (or appropriate for what the individual wanted) and thus the individuals choosing the names decided upon someone else’s entry (thus you not winning anything). I haven’t used the service (I tend to steer clear of those kind of services) but I guess there have been winners (it’s probably just slow getting off it’s feet or they keep the winning info private). :slight_smile:

A few domains i suggested ended up being bought … coincidence ? I think not . I hope namemythingy becomes a part of 99designs , as far as I know no one has been paid and no one will .

All the contest holder has to do is create an account, submit a suggestion from it and award the contest prize to that account and all he’s out is the listing fees.

I considered the exact same service almost a year ago to the day that they launched it (according to my original brainstorming document in Google Docs) and dropped it as being unworkable for that exact reason. No way to ensure that the proper people got paid. I would get paid no matter what, but if my suggestors aren’t then the service would quickly go downhill.

I was going to do it for domains but I quickly discovered that I would have to find a way to “hold” the domains to make sure that the proper people got credit and payment for their suggestions. Looked into tasting, etc… and didn’t find any reasonable solutions to the problem so it went into the discarded project pile.

Absolutely true . Then again I am surprised at the poor ethics of some contest holders . The contest is just for $50 like come on … how can people be so cheap . Anyways , no more name my thingy for me .

True but think about the general public, lot’s of people would rather torrent a song than pay the 99cents to get a legitimate copy from iTunes (or another provider). We must be in the most criminal generation of all time (if you think about it), I don’t know a single person who hasn’t violated a law or two (even ripping a CD to play it on your MP3 player is technically illegal). I did wonder when “Name my thingy” launched whether it would actually make an impact, as before it appeared, most people would freely help each other name their product or service within these forums (and still do). :slight_smile: