Has anybody got paid by 99 designs?

I joined 99 designs a week ago and I just wondering if they really pay.

Have you actually won any contest? I guess one has to in order to be paid… :wink:

The many thousands of users must surely attest to the site being legit.

I know heaps of designers who’ve been paid, but for a more recent example, a young guy that grew up across the road from me, joined 99designs a few weeks ago and won the first contest he entered. An iPhone app logo I think it was.

I have a friend that joined and guess what… actually his design was the best there, not disregarding the other great entries of course.He did submit his design and for some reason withdraw it as well, after he withdraw it, she wrote him saying for him to put it back again as she did really like it. His was one of the last designs that had more stars, but with a difference she said she was going to have a talk with her partner or whatever
She wrote him saying that she did enjoyed alot his design, then the contest ended… and no one won… at least as his entry was the best and she also mentioned that she liked it alot, this was after all the entries were posted… his was one of the last ones… anyways… he is waiting for the result and no message was sent nothing… the “picking the winner” time is already over and nothing… so with this i conclude… first- he wont win, the one that will win is the other guy that made a design that looks like a tampon from tampax. Second- probably there will be a message saying that the ch decided to abandone the contest. Anyways… check over on other’s designers profiles and see how many contests they won and how many contest they did enter. I believe the price will go to the “in house” designers and the other ones are just to give ideias, if there’s not a way to copy the ideia… then the person wins… this is what i am taking from being in 99designs I did made a few designs myself, well to me is allways cool cause i can allways sell them in other places, but the bad thing is that the ideias are taken, and is like working for free… it isnt a fair competition i think!

99designs always paid me when I won, but you have to wait a week or so before it’s on your account.