What would you like to win?

Hello, I’m currently in the process of putting together a contest for Web Designers & Developers.

What prizes would you realistically like to see here? These prizes are donated by companies in exchange for advertising and back links.

Because the contest is open to the world, it makes anything requiring shipping very difficult/expensive, so the prizes will likely be digital products and services.

Currently we have Wordpress themes, premium plugins, uptime monitoring, training videos and e-books.

We’re looking into hosting, stock photos, icons, etc.

I’m asking you what prizes would interest you enough to enter daily. We would also like to think outside the box and include some prizes that are more fun, less work if possible.

What digital products/services do you currently pay for, or would pay for if you had the money to do so?

Also, if you own a company and are interested in exchanging prizes for advertising, that would also be great.


P.S. For those interested in the contest, it will be available mid-January at <snip>deleted</snip>

I can only think of simple prizes like Free Webhosting, Domain and maybe monetary

e-Books or some training materials would be good. Anything that would add to everyone’s knowledge.

Yes, ebooks or books that provide training and knowledge on various aspects of online marketing, will be the best option to keep as prizes for the contest.

I would love to domain.

Welcome to the SP forums.
Did you mean: “I would love to win a domain” ?

I won’t be original here but still - I want to win a trip all over the world.

Please keep in mind that the OP asked for ideas that would be realistic.

A year of free webhosting would be a great prize, it would definitely save website owners a good amount of money.

I would like to domain. I think a domain will be a great prize for the contest.

Yes! I also like to win a domain…because domain plays an important role in web designing.

i would like to win my self. you know when we take any decision we become in trouble what should we do? And finally we totally feel irritation and frustration. And we get failure in such types of situation. if i win my self once then i could do whatever i will think and anything whatever will come in my dreams.