An domain resolving on another domain. How?


I own a domain: “”.

I own another domain: “

I would like to modify the nameservers of so as to make them point to “”. I’m not talking about a redirect. When people type “”, the dns will actually be “”, where the files and databse are located.

Modifying the nameservers is easy. But what should I do on the “” part to have this setup working properly?


-jj. :slight_smile:

Hey JJ,

Have you considered a domain alias?


I’m not familiar with Google Apps. I figured it does pretty much what CloudFlare does, right? Could I also use CloudFlare?


Not sure what you are asking for myself, to be honest. The domain “” should be set up like a regular domain to serve a normal web site, if you have the redirect from “” to “” working (which you must have in place, either on the server or via DNS settings, to do what you are asking about).