AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

What is AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages?
Do we need this for SEO?

We have a recent topic discussing this here: AmpHtml Framework and an Accordion Example Feel free to join in with that discussion if you want to know more. You can also check out the project’s own site:

In a word, no.

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My understanding of SEO is to enhance the probability of a Google search for specific results and
to attain a page one ranking.

One of many SEO Techniques is to reduce the page-loading-time.

The AmpProject utilises JavaScript to initially render “above-the-fold” content very quickly. Subsequent content is rendered by scrolling the page.

An AmpHtml page tested with:

Load time: 747 ms
Page size: 206.8 kB
Tested from: New York City

Special Note:
The rendered page is ONLY for “above-the-fold” content for all mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Saving the same web-page to my desktop computer:

11 items, totalling 1.7 MB


I agree it is not necessay but does increase your User Experience and Overall SEO Brownie Points

Maintain a fast site speed. Search engines want the top-ranked sites to be the best option both in relevant content and in usability. Therefore, search engines do take site speed into consideration when ranking a site. If your site loads in under one second, you’re in good shape.

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While I agree that page load speed is a factor in ranking, it is by no means the most important. (Page content and relevance to search query is the number one factor.) It is also not necessary to use AMP to achieve a good loading time. Whether or not it is the right approach to use is an individual decision. Do we need to use it for SEO? No. Can it be useful for SEO? Maybe, depending on your site.

Personally, I dislike any site which relies on JS to the extent that the layout is broken without it. My experience of the AMP Project’s own site on desktop doesn’t encourage me to look any further or want to use their method, but each to his own.


We have implemented AMP on our website blog section and it works very well. To be honest I am not sure about the impact it has on SEO for your website but the individual AMP pages do take priority on mobile devices. I just Googled “Italy Earthquake” and 6 of the results on the first page were AMP pages.

Personally I would think AMP comes somewhere between SEO and Content Marketing. So if you can write blog posts that are news worthy and somehow relate them to the products or services you sell, you could find yourself getting a lot more traffic. This in turn might help your SEO …

i think it very important in SEO, you should optimal the website with AMP

Any particular reasons for your thoughts?

It’s work for any devices but process in CSS and html files.

If you have only wordpress blog then you will using ready AMP plugin… It’s 100% work .

Are you suggesting that all Wordpress themes and sites are AMP valid?
I find that very hard to believe.

I too find that hard to believe. But seeing that Automattic is one the authors, even with

Note #1: that Pages and archives are not currently supported. Pages support is being worked on.

It could be worth looking into

Personally I think having an AMP-HTML version of the webiste is a good ranking factor (like https instead of http) especially because it speeds up rendering on mobile devices and also because since the smatphones and flat rates came out to surf the Internet almost 90% of the searches are done by the mobile device.

Obviously, this is only one factor, to increase the ranking of your website, you also need to do all of the “on page” and “off page” SEO optimizations.

If you are interested in this, I have recently transformed all of my website into AMP-HTML version and I think I will soon implement a PWA part.

Ya it is very important for SEO. Why because in world now all are smart phone users.

Having a mobile-friendly site is important, but it’s not necessary to use AMP to achieve that.

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