Info about AMP

what is exactly AMP? here,

they have links like “get started with HTML & AMP”

I already know responsive design… what exactly do I need to learn to create an AMP site?

talk to me as much as you can, about AMP, please…

thank you…

(PS: tilte of post has to be at least 10 chars? why on earth is this… now my title is “invalid”??? man, what’s going on here???)

“AMP” is not a good name choice…

if I search for “AMP” in Sitepoint results are all about & ;~))

if I search for “accelerated mobile pages” I get “no results”…:open_mouth:

That link will probably tell you more about AMP than anyone here is prepared to type for you.
There is more info about AMP at Google, if that is not enough.

Probably so that titles are descriptive and meaningful.

thank you… so I’m here…

in the sample code, I don’t understand the CSS at all…
(or the JS…:wink: (which is really JSON, yes? JSON is required for AMP?

where is all this explained?

thank you…

It was introduced this past October 7

A fair amount of time, but not all that long to where there would be a lot of discussion about it yet.

“All AMP pages live on Google’s CDN”???

you no longer put your stuff on your own FTP server? seriously?

if this is true this is just a case of google wanting more control, tracking, etc…
(all AMP pages have to live on their servers? please…)

ok, I gotta go… will continue looking at this later… thank you for your responses…

IMHO Google should stick to what it does best - Search

The thought of Google getting involved with mark-up is scary. They apparently have little regard for standards or best practice.


yeah… if this really means websites have to sit on google’s servers I’m not looking at this…
(I wouldn’t want this, both for practical reasons and on principle…)

ok… thank you…

AMP had already been around for many decades before they decided to list on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1998. I don’t think they are likely to change their name now when they are so well known across Australia and New Zealand and even have a presence in the UK and elsewhere.

I really liked this blog post, well worth a complete read and not a TL;DR

If web performance was a rat problem in your house, then Google AMP would be a rat extermination service that required you to gather the rats into a box and leave them outside by the road. While device detection would be a telephone book listing all the names of every rodent there has ever been, empowering you to clearly identify if what is running around your house and scaring your wife really is a rat, and leaving you to choose whether to exterminate it yourself or not.

Where is the tongue-in-cheek; icon?

(Always happy to help. )

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