What is New in SEO for 2017?

What trend currently in SEO and what is new coming soon in SEO? Have you any idea to anyone?

Same as always: follow the search engines’ guidelines, and don’t try to cheat the system or manipulate results. Simple, really.


Nothing new so far. Plan is as usual. You could follow SEO guidelines for more information.

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In 2017, Google focus on Mobile users and their experience. So AMP Pages will be the big trend in 2017. Words from John Mueller.


In SEO many update for 2017, now a days SEO is most important for all blogger and other.
You can see changes in SEO compare to last year in link below:-

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Google introduce Google AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages).

If your site ranking getting down then you are really in trouble. To increase website ranking, Smartphone traffic you have to implement AMP to your website.

Your website developed in WordPress???

No need to worry You can use Yoast and Yoast Glue Plugin without any coding.

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Not so.

It is highly recommended to ensure your site is mobile-friendly, but AMP is not the only way to do that.

Actually i want to know more about SEO latest term and other Update
I have one website which have celebrity news and Bio that is why …

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What do you want to know which hasn’t been answered above?

If you’re new to SEO, then the best place to start is Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”.

The biggest change and trend in 2017 for seo I have read is to make sure your website is mobile friendly. They say every single year the numbers are going up for mobile.

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The thing now is Google tracks users across the web. Google knows who you are and where you go, and what you like. And where everyone else goes and what they like.

Google knows when those people visit your site and for how long, and knows their viewing habits. Did your website grab this users attention longer than usual? +1 ranking score. Did that same user come back? +1 ranking score. Did THAT USER then share your page? +1 ranking score.

The system is crazy now. And unfortunately it leads to a toxic kind of web where SEO, means being a media whore.

But you can do it.

Think of every loud and annoying youtuber with millions of subscribers you can. Think Buzzfeed. Think Clickhole. Be as shocking, clickbaity, and viral as possible. Craft your content as package designed ONLY to get the user to view and share.

You find thumbnails that work and take your most successful content and SHOVE IT DOWN VIEWERS THROATS with ads. You put a sizable budget into your project to make sure people see your content OFTEN and they get familiar and curious enough to click on your facebook fan page and follow so you can funnel your content to them directly.

This is what we’re stuck with now.

Matt Cutts has stated that Google does not use analytics data in determining search results.

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Nothing new in SEO because basics of SEO never changed if you Spam then Google ban you but now they ban your pages instead of banning your domain. Many webmasters talk about Fred update which targets low-quality content many talks about AMP but the conclusion is SEO never changed if you stick to basics.

Are you sure about that? Can you post an authoritative (Google) source to confirm it? It seems quite clear from their webmaster guidelines that action is taken against a site, not a page. That makes sense, as otherwise it would be too easy to get around it by changing page names.

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Even i want to get to know about AMP more, is there any latest update in 2017 ?

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You will find all the information you want here: https://www.ampproject.org/

In 2017 on page is a huge factor when seen from the SEO perspective. If your site’s on page is good then you will achieve all the targeted goals easily. And always remember and try doing organic and ethical SEO.:+1:

Nothing new in SEO in 2017. Keep focusing on guest blogging, forums, private blog networks, articles, unique content etc.

There may be nothing new, but that is very, very old “advice” which others would do well to ignore.

Links which you can place yourself are regarded as worthless by search engines, and marked as nofollow by reputable sites (such as these forums). Done with the intention of manipulating SERPs, such linking can lead to your site being penalised.


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Prepare for mobile-first indexing.
Launch mobile app with the best user interface.