Amounts credited to paypal?

Have never used paypal for crediting my account, only paying out and when I pay by paypal, it comes out of my credit card. If I setup paypal on my site, for others to pay me (hopefully), would this mean that my credit card would receive the money, if someone paid me through paypal ? I know it’s a noob question for most of you here, but we’ve all got to start somewhere. :slight_smile:

The money sent to you would be in your PayPal account balance.
You can withdraw it to your bank account if you have it added.

I’m not sure of any feature that credits to your credit card from account balance.

Many thanks, so I imagine my next step on this project, would be to get a bank acct attached to it as well as a credit card.

If you are buying lots of things through Paypal as well as receiving money then you could just leave the money in the paypal account. The money to pay for purchases will come from your Paypal balance first and will only come from your credit card if the Paypal account is empty.

I don’t buy lots of things through paypal, perhaps about 30 dollars a month on 2-3 items.

I think I’ll just attach the bank acct to it.

Just an additional thing to consider Dez, it’s worth retaining the amount of money you receive for about 30 days in case the purchaser decides they want a refund (as if you extract it, PayPal would be forced to withdraw the cash from your bank account to provide the funds). I tend to use PayPal as a “holding” for money I make so that once the period of refund passes (in case the end user is not satisfied), I initiate the bank transfer (which takes a few days to process). :slight_smile: