Paypal's website payment standard question

I want to setup an online shop that sells a product. I want to accept credit cards and i’ve been looking at Paypal’s website payment standard.

After signing up for the account, i’m asked to

  1. Add Credit or Debit Card.

Why am i asked a credit card?

My second question is about withdrawing funds.

How do i withdraw funds?

What i’m asking is, can i give PayPal the company’s bank account and get them to transfer funds we earnt from online sales (that’s with paypal) to our company bank account?

Sorry if this is a really stupid question, i’m new to this. Thanking you in advance.

Your credit card information helps them verify your identity to protect people from fraud.

At your paypal dashboard there is a tab labeled “withdraw funds” , click this tab and follow the directions to enter your bank account and routing information, once your account has been verified you will be able to transfer funds at any time.

Ok…so the credit card is just a way for them to identify me…thank you…

Must the bank account that you’re withdrawing you money to be a company account? Can it be a personal account?

it can be either, you just have to own the account.

You should be careful of the account you
attach your PayPal account to for several reasons:

  1. Do not mix a personal account with a
    business - this is called “comingling” of
    funds and is frowned upon by the tax man.

  2. Once PayPal has your account, they
    have been known to suck funds out so
    if it’s your personal account, you may
    cause yourself trouble.