Alternate to Thunderbolt Display for Mac Book Pro


I am purchasing a MacBook Pro but need a second monitor. The Thuderbolt display, although impressive, is too expensive for me.

What would be an alternative for a screen that is about 23" +?

I am not sure what spec to look for!

I am currently using a PC laptop and a 23" HP monitor but the clarity is not good (i.e. thin lines are non-existent…lack of detail).

Any thoughts?



You’ll want an IPS display of some sort.

Personally I’m fond of the Dell Ultrasharps – they even happen to be on sale at newegg at the moment.

Thanks mate…

What is the significance of an IPS display?



IPS is one sort of LCD display technology which is is generally superior – a good explanation can be found at

Thanks! I appreciate the time and link :slight_smile: