Alternate name for http://localhost:8888

I have MAMP set up on one of the computer on my home network.

One the server computer I can obviously access it via: http://localhost:8888/
One the other Mac’s I simply type in the server computer’s static IP + 8888:

Now, assuming the static IP does not remain the same AND I have a NetBIOS name for the server computer (eg. MYMAC) is there a way to access it from another Mac on the home network by typing a combination of the NetBIOS name and port?

I have tried “http://MYMAC:8888/” but it does not work.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

Hi, I am afraid the web browser will not use NetBIOS names to resolve your web server location. The only options are: 1) IP address; 2) DNS name