Making mamp localhost accessible on my wireless lan

im developing on my MAMP localhost and would like to provide other computers on my lan (in my building, withing reach of the wifi signal) access to it, i guess via http://localhost: portnumber.

if this is how you do it, how do i find the portnumber? do i need to configure my router in any way?

all computers involved are Mac connecting to my router via Airport.


The port should be 80 unless you changed it. You shouldn’t need to change your router configuration in any way. Just enter the hostname or LAN IP address of your computer and see what happens.

No problem… Just replace localhost with the IP address of your web server (ex., You can find the address in the System Preferences under Network. Also, you’ll have to open the web server’s port (typically 8888 for MAMP) or disable the server’s firewall.

mikem is my router and is my computer which contains the MAMP installation. when i enter the latter address in the second computer i get a timeout, wether i append the apache port to it or not. i dont have to enter the first mac’s external address do it? the second mac gets online through the routers wifi signal.

how do i open port 80 on my mac’s firewall? could anything else be the issue?


done, found the firewall settings under security and opened incoming connections for the MAMP applicationn