Alibaba CDN?

It is probably my ignorance of “all things cloud” but I find the Alibaba website rather overwhelming. Does Alibaba offer a CDN?


It was one Google search away, but here you go :slightly_smiling_face:

Google offers a Free CDN for valid AmpProject web-pages. Images are dynamically cached!

My web-page:
Notice the images are all located on my web-site

Google Cached Version:

Puny coded URL
Notice the Google CDN URLs for all images


I’m not into Amp but I have used Cloudflare’s free CDN before.

Once you have created an AmpProject Template then passing data to the template is quite easy.

The now has a vast amount of plugins.

I think it is well worth giving it a try.


Yes, Alibaba Cloud provides a stable, high speed, scalable and cost effective CDN (Content Delivery Network) service.

The beauty of Alibaba Cloud CDN is achieved by their wide coverage of 6 continents with over 1500 nodes and support for major internet service providers worldwide.

The response time is just a few milliseconds due to their strong networks and SSD technology. They have a friendly billing method and you can be billed either by daily peak bandwidth or by traffic.