Google ranking vs Alexa raking

Hi all, I am working on one new site since last two- three months. All Keywords are not ranking yet i know it will take few more time but organic traffic has began to increase. but client is more concerned about alexa ranking. before this i have not work specifically for alexa. can anyone suggested me, how should i approach for alexa ranking. The work I am doing for google ranking, cann’t it work for alexa ranking too?

You could start by asking him why he is concerned with Alexa ranking? What benefit he expects to get from it? Why getting a high rankling is important to him?

If he can give you a convincing answer, that’s fine. But assuming he can’t, you might then politely point out that chasing useless metrics like Alexa ranking - and even Google ranking - is a waste of time, and that if he really wants something to measure, he should focus on the sales (or other “conversions”) that the site is generating.


Agreed. It is much more important to spend time working on things that will affect your client’s bottom line. He pays you as a consultant because he expects you to know more than him on the subject, so he should be willing to listen if you are polite when you say why Alexa ranking will not benefit him.

Basically Organic tips For SEO,

In SEO the content is king , One keyword target to your one page, As much possible do ON page fully. When you all pages will come organic search do not see the alexa rank , Alexa rank is depending on Google rank as your site is google friendly it increase auto alexa traffic.

thank you for the reply. i will keep this in mind

I do not trust on Alexa ,If you are looking to get rank on Google then you just have to concentrate on Google .

If you are confident enough to make his site better on google search positions then tell him there is no need of getting a good rank in Alexa. If you have quality content and your site’s authority is good then eventually you will get better alexa rank.