Age old comparison! Joomla! V/s WordPress

An age old battle b/w WordPress and Joomla! What are your views?

Well my personal choice is Joomla! What is your?

Why would you choose Joomla over Wordpress? What are some of the things you prefer in Joomla? Do you build custom themes or templates or do you use ready made ones?

Or is it the user interface that you prefer? Or is it easier to learn?

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And why?

As you yourself said, this is age old, and as known, not likely to generate any useful discussion and only opinion.
So please expound.

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I just started my tech blog and decided to use wordpress… did I make a wrong choice?

Not sure, Is PHP better than BASICA ?

How can you compare two engines made for absolutely different purposes?
Each of them is good for its tasks.

I judge most projects these days based on the community/ecosystem available and implementation of modern architecture. In that regards Wordpress wins hands down purely due to the resources and community available overwhelm Joomla. However, as others mention Joomla really can’t be compared to WP as both have very different focuses. What Joomla can be compared to is a platform like Drupal. In comparing Joomla to Drupal Drupal hands down has the larger community ecosystem, and with the release of 8 is complete rewrite relying very little on old, antiquated code unlike Joomla. So I would actually recommend Drupal. I mean just look at the Joomla homepage it screams old and antiquated… – I think Joomla like CodeIgnitor share the same fate so it is better to steer clear to maintain any form of longevity in newer platforms.

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