What are good reasons to use Joomla instead of Wordpress?

This question pertains to the development of marketing-oriented blogs and company websites. I understand that Joomla has some features that allow more control over design, but I haven’t found any single compelling reason to choose Joomla over Wordpress (especially in its current version). Other than personal preference and familiarity, what are the reasons for going with Joomla?

I haven’t found any also, that’s why I would stick to WordPress. Though in some specific cases it might be easier to build certain websites in Joomla rather than WP

I don’t think there’s another reason apart from the ones you already named. If you are asking because you want to go for Joomla - then don’t look for reasons, just go. But I don’t see why you should choose Joomla over Wordpress, frankly.

For starters, WordPress is not designed to be a CMS, whereas Joomla is. The benefits of this are obvious in that performance under Joomla is likely to be much better.

Admittedly, Joomla isn’t a great CMS. Drupal would be a better choice, as would Concrete5. If you’re not tied to PHP then there are numerous choices out there; my favourite being Umbraco for ASP.NET.

Wow…We need a thumbs up (I agree) icon on this site. I couldn’t have written it better. I haven’t used Umbraco for a while, they lost me with the version 5 debacle but I wasn’t very committed anyway as I prefer Drupal development. I definitely prefer Umbraco over DNN though.

More importantly @bloggerCW: What is your reason to look to Joomla vs Wordpress? Are you in need of something that provides more flexibility and scalability than Wordpress or are you just kicking ideas around?

If you develop your site joomla means you can release your site very easily and quickly.because more of free modules & extensions are available and user friendly for Joomla CMS. Every one can easy to access Joomla Admin Panel.

Great response. Agree fully and have to say it’s always come down to personal choice for me. If i do a blog site i prefer WP, whereas most of my customers like the Joomla backend for ease of use. Both have excellent addons available.

Note: note been a member for long as having only just found this site but the site is just superb!

Even if Wordpress wasn’t designed to be a CMS, it works just fine. Makes running a blog site super simple.