Adwords- What am I doing wrong?

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I have my QS up to 10/10 but yet it still says I am spending $1.50 per click. Is there anywhere I can read on how to get this lowered? Am I having to spend this much because the other advertisers are paying top dollar for their ads to be shown also?

I am kinda new to adwords, but I was able to get my campaign and LP to a QS 10/10 so I thought that would get my cpc lowered.

any help would be greatly appreciated because $1.50 per click is killing me.

Try setting your daily budget and then work on your site’s structure. AdWords can be great for building traffic but when people arrive on your homepage, well you need to offer quality products, services or other things to them.

What is QS 10/10?

My budget as of now is $10 per day, and I sell saunas so people are looking for my product if they click on my add.

QS = Quality Score

Why don’t you set what you are willing to pay CPC? That’s what I’ve almost always done with adwords.

So set my daily budget higher or lower? I dont want to spend more than $10 a day on it

also sounds like you are targeting the ‘big words’ of your industry. With a $10/day budget you need to get rid of those expensive words and go toward the long tail of the search.

Take a look at the words that are costing you that much and go after the words that are a bit cheaper. 10 clicks is 10 clicks but 10 clicks could cost $100 or $10 or $1. Are the $100 clicks worth $100 to you? In most cases (that I’ve dealt with) the conversion rates of high dollar words are a bit higher, but often not high enough to justify their cost. By going after phrases or cheaper words you can get more ct’s for cheaper.

Now the most important part… are you converting the clicks to sales or leads??? If you are then $10/click would be very well worth it. But if it takes you 1000 clicks to sell one sauna, you need to rethink/re-work your website or landing page.

Do you think the person clicking on your ad gives a hoot about your QS?

You’e confusing daily budget with CPC (Cost Per Click) You can set your max cpc to whatever you want it. You could set it to $.01 /click (however you wouldn’t get any traffic) so it has to be something reasonable.

There’s no real guideline as to what you CPC should be. If you’re topping $1.50 right now I would suggest poking around in the $.89 area some. Maybe even set some of your words to $.60 - $.50

My issue is when I was looking at another campaign, For the same keyword the QS was 7/10 but was only paying $0.65 cpc.

To me that dont seem right

All it takes for CPC to blow up is a bidding war between a couple of companies. Are there any new players in the game? I’ve seen new companies come in and run a campaign that pushed my bid for the first page up to $2.

Eventually they run out of money and give up on adwords. Sometimes you just have to sit on the sidelines until they wear themselves out, unless you want to blow a wad of cash.

Thats what I thought, The reason my CPC is so high is because my competitors have theirs up high and its basically a “pissing” match.

Yup, sounds like it. Now you being sneaky, go around their backs and start buying up all the cheaper long tail words. One sneaky trick I’ve used before is buying up the competitors brand name.

Keywords: Company X Inc, Company X Saunas, X saunas

ad title: Looking for a Sauna?

some people call this underhanded, but hey, it’s just part of the game right?

Any advice on the Broad Match, Phrase, or Exact match?

Be wary of bidding on brand names - check to ensure they are not registered or trademarked, otherwise you’re in breach of Goog’s T’s & C’s.

Targeting Broad Match will cost less, drive more impressions but a lower CTR
Targeting Phrases will cost a little more, drive fewer impressions but have a better CTR
Targeting Exact Match will have the lowest cost due to the least impressions, but the best CTR and in turn the best ROI.

More here:

And from Google:

With a high ticket item like a sauna, clicks are probably quite expensive.

Paying $1.50 is pretty good if you profit a few thousand from a sale. Then you only need to convert a very small percentage of your clicks.

you should do more keyword research for the targeted keywords and keyphrases. If you are new to AdWords, try keyphrases first instead of keywords. For example instead of targeting just “shoes” you could try “cheap shoes in Africa”. Also i wouldn’t trust quality score by AdWords too much. Sometimes a low QS keywords can produce good results.

I think this is open for discussion. As far as I can see from Googles TOS… it is ok to bid on trademarked names as long as you don’t use the trademarked term in your ad. OR, as long as you do not mis-represent yourself as the company you are bidding on…? Maybe I’m reading wrong… Where’s the legal team at?

What is Google’s AdWords and AdSense trademark policy?

Google recognizes the importance of trademarks. Our AdWords Terms and Conditions with advertisers prohibit intellectual property infringement by advertisers. Advertisers are responsible for the keywords they choose to generate advertisements and the text that they choose to use in those advertisements.

Google takes allegations of trademark infringement very seriously and, as a courtesy, we investigate matters raised by trademark owners. Trademarks are territorial and apply only to certain goods or services. Therefore, different parties can own the same mark in different countries or different industries. Accordingly, in processing complaints, Google will ask the trademark owner for information regarding where the mark is valid and for what goods or services. Please note the following about our complaint process:

* The trademark owner doesn't need to be a Google AdWords advertiser in order to send a complaint.
* Any such investigation will only affect ads served on or by Google.
* Google's trademark policy does not apply to search results. Our investigations only apply to sponsored links. For trademark concerns about websites that appear in Google search results, the trademark owner should contact the site owner directly.
* In the case of an AdSense for Domains trademark complaint, an investigation will affect only the participation of the domain name in question in our AdSense for Domains program.
* Because Google is not a third-party arbiter, we encourage trademark owners to resolve their disputes directly with the advertisers, particularly because the advertisers may have similar ads running via other advertising programs.

Agreed :slight_smile: I didn’t say don’t - i said “be wary”…

It really depends on how much the first page advertisers are spending to get high, No matters if you have 10/10 score but the point is being on the top will cost high if others are paying high because it might be possible that others are having less quality score but they are paying high, adwords always prefer to rank high sites with high payments no matter if you have a great score and paying less