Adwords approach

I have just signed up for adwords for the first time and read through their docs. My question is how do I decide what to set my cpc limit as?

You need to calculate it based on how well your landing page converts. It takes a little tweaking at first. Don’t just try and outbid your competition, it doesn’t work, Calculate your max cpc based on how well your landing page performs and don’t go above that.


if you get two sales for every 100 visitors, each sale is worth $20 to you then you will make $20 for every 50 visitors. So to turn a profit you will need to pay less than $0.40 per click.

Thats just an example but you get the idea, don’t just guess.

Ok thanks I will try to work something out.

Don’t spend more than you can afford. After that just go with a CPC limit and let your campaign run. If you aren’t getting enough clicks - increase it. If you’re getting too many clicks decrease it. PPC marketing is all about testing and iterating.

Have you researched how to use adwords? Adwords will drain your wallet faster than a women if you don’t know what you are doing.