Online invoicing for freelancers

To all freelancers, just wondering what online invoicing software you guys are using? I have heard many cloud accounting software have this feature, but I’m unsure which one to go for. Ideally, I’m looking for a free alternative.

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For recurring billing and invoicing it’s usually a Virtual Terminal which is going to be your best friend. There’s a handful available that offer similar services… Seek out a Virtual Terminal provided by a payment processor to ensure you;re not paying for recurring and processing… Another consideration will be seeking services with no contracts, no monthly minimums and a quick setup. Goodluck!

Free alternatives, I’ve got no idea. I use Xero for my accounting and invoicing, and they’re great. If you just need invoicing, Freshbooks isn’t terrible. There are a ton of invoicing solutions out there, and some of them are probably free. I just decided a long time ago that free isn’t a criteria for me… if I need the tools for working I’ll just make sure I’m getting ones that will pay for themselves in saved time or whatever. If not, I don’t get the tool.

Thanks for the responses. I have heard good things about xero, but I only need a few roughly 30 invoices per month at this point in my business and I can’t justify the monthly costs for that. A few friends mentioned a software called SlickPie? Anyone have experience with it? They offer a free account for 100 invoices, so I may just test them out for now.

Hey Jeff,

I have about 2-5 invoices in a year. I am not doing freelancing as a full time committed designer. But if I were too. I would use pay-pal. They have fees n all but you can either add the fee into the invoice or pay the fee. I know with my payments i would receive i would only loose out on a few dollars off my $100 payments. So it’s with the 2% i believe it is. You can also sign up for the business debit card so when you get paid it is directly available on the pay-pal card instead of waiting 3-5 business days to get it transferred to a bank account.

I’ve been with paypal for the past 9 years. Haven’t had any issues with them.

Online invoicing software are available for free upto some extent. You may easily get invoice for your clients suing these ones. But for further accounting and Tax related stuff, you better to have a talk with your CA friend. To get you started here are some SlickPie, Xero, FreshBooks, FreeAgent, QuickBooks Online, outright, Sage One - U.S., Billfaster, Sage One Accounting, KashFlow, Arithmo, Accounting ASAP, Saasu, Ofipro and many more.

Choose the one which fits your requirement then compare it with its competitors for better plans and pricing. To receive money you can use freelancer platform where you work. Also if your clients trust you, you can get your money via paypal or to direct bank account to avoid any fee that freelancer platform charges.

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