Good "time based" invoicing software?


I am looking for a good invoicing program that I can use to bill clients on “time based” projects.

For example, I often have 10 projects at once… and I need some software where I can press a button to “start billing for the selected project”, and then press a button to stop. Then at the end of the month… push another button and it auto-creates all the invoices and sends them to the customer.

Would be nice if there was also integration with my phone to start/stop the billing times.


You should check out Billings Pro. It’s a very nice time-tracking and invoicing tool; it works on the Mac, iPhone, & Web, so compatibility is not a problem.

I’ve been using it for the last few months for my clients and it has worked great.

I use Freshbooks to manage all my clients. It let’s you invoice, add team members, create many reports and more. I absolutely love it! It’s easy to use.

For time tracking would strongly recommend Time Doctor. A simple time tracking tool that can monitor your progress throughout the day. You can also use Freshbooks to track time but Time Doctor is more accurate, flexible and free…

timeslips, but it’s not cheap.