Reaching millions of people a month on social media consistently, but only just covering the basic webhosting and adobe suite costs


I’m getting most of my popularity from food videos on facebook, the reach for the last few months is 4-5 million a month and 2-3 million video views (obviously facebook so only 40% ish watch most of it).

I’ve tried reaching out to some related companies but it’s time-consuming and all I’ve spoken to so far say they don’t have budgets for shout outs and dedicated videos. I have received some free stuff, though.

Is there an agency or something to help me reach people that can pay? Social blue book says $4-5k is the amount I could get from a dedicated video based on my stats. But that seems insanely high and if I could get just a fraction of that it would be enough. I have adsense on the site and often the CPM average for this month is $0.60, and each month since January it seems to get lower. It was $2 back in december. Currently living off savings but these run out at the end of the year so need to try to make the site profitable.

Any help/advice is very welcome:slight_smile:)

The question is how many clicks to your site do you get from those videos? Your best bet is to get as much people to go through to your site. Some sort of call to action in the videos would help.

The CPM of $0.60 is low and in my experience in food niche it can be around $2, but traffic from fb (especially mobile) tends to have lower CPMs. The question here is what content do you have on your site? Is it too short? Generally, the more content you have the more ad space you can sell, increasing your CPM. If all you have is a video, that will be very hard to monetize. I would suggest making image rich text versions (eg. recipes with pictures) in addition to the videos. That way you’d be able to monetize it better, share the same content on fb and other social networks (pinterest is huge in food niche), attract search traffic.

Otherwise, it’s hard to advice anything else without seeing exactly what you’re doing.

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