Need A Bit Of Help

Hey everyone!

I’ve recently come up with an idea for a site with someone. We sketched it out and know what we want. The problem is, we don’t know how to make this idea in our heads come alive. I know the basics of html, css, and am a bit shaky with javascript. My question is what else do I need to learn to make this site come alive? We’re doing everything from scratch although we are noobs in this field. but hey, we’re learning and have been everyday for the past few days.

A bit about what the site will do… It’s a site to help people I work with. I’ll be submitting info constantly that has to get displayed on the main page. I’m thinking of having a little widget where i’ll paste the data and then it interprets it and displays… if that makes sense. I need a way for me to submit this info that get’s displayed. (Later on i may make it available for more people to submit so I will need to learn how to do this also). The things I post have payments, and I will like a daily ticker to keep track of the amount I’ve posted for that day and then restart the next day. Also, these postings will go into different categories. On the main page, there will also be a feed showing the recent postings. I want to offer an option to people that asks them if they would like to get notified every time I post. I may also add things like a chat to it, but for now those are just a few of the basics of the site.

Now, this sounds like it could be a blog, but that’s not what we’re going for. I really want this site to happen, so can anyone tell me what I need to do to make this come alive? I appreciate any help/advice/tips. I’m not expecting anyone to explain each thing to me, i just need to know where to start and how to get this done, what languages to learn. stuff like that. also, i apologize if im not suppose to be asking here. I’m just a noob desperate for help lol.



Frankly what you are talking about would require more than html and css. If you are only just learning JavaScript, I think you will have a hard time building something like this. Explaining how to build this would fill several volumes and take a lot of time.

Have you looked into just building a wordpress site? You can pretty much download everything you need in terms of plugins to make the site do what you want it to do. You can make it look just like a traditional website and you will need almost zero programming knowledge. I would take this route if you want something relatively fast and don’t know much about programming languages.

Here is a pretty good tutorial on how to set up a wordpress site,

Hope that helps,


Not sure you’d be able to get the exact outcome you’re looking for from plugins. You can search the Wordpress plugin directory though. Otherwise, I would post your project on Elance or Odesk and be very descriptive in what you need. You’ll get some quotes from qualified providers and at least have an idea of what it might cost to build it custom.

I’m sure there are some developers on this forum who would be able to do it too.

Thanks for the responses guys! i appreciate it. The thing is, i dont want to use wordpress or hire someone to do it for me… (not putting down either of those options) is it impossible for me to learn these languages and do it myself? I’ve been taking lessons on codecademy and i dont mind actually taking the time learning the languages myself to do this. I may sound crazy, but I want to build this from scratch with the person helping me (he’s also learning the languages). I feel like this is better since i know exactly what i want on this site and stuff. I figured people learn this stuff all the time and build sites, so why can’t i.