My first ever website build


I purchased my first ever domian and webhosting on friday and im up and running using wordpress.I have started on the website.

I have a few questions i would love someone with experience to help me with.To be honest i dont think they are of any difficulty for someone that knows what they are doing with wordpress.

So i wondered, i would prefer not to put the link of the website on here for all to see just yet,could anyone that wouldnt mind sparing me a few minutes of there time pm me.
Many thanks.

This is a public forum, so it’d be great if you posted your queries here rather than asking people to help you via PM.

You can setup a test site with different content and hide the test site from search engines.

I understand that mate,i will share the link i would just rather not yet.
It could well be shockingly bad.

There’s no need for shame in this forum. We all start at zero. :slight_smile:

I’ll go one further than Kohoutek and say we actively discourage asking members to PM with advice as a general rule of thumb, because of SP’s discouragement of solicitation for services. We have Marketplace for that function. But asking for advice for all to see … we’re all over that. :slight_smile:

As kohoutek mentions, please don’t be shy. You should see some of the stuff I posted in the early days, and to my amazement people here were kind, constructive and made the process of growing far easier than I expected.


Black Max i quite agree,
I certainly wasnt trying to get something for nothing i would certainly be willing to pay someone,but this really isnt anything major.I would imagine anyone with a little experience would be able to help in a few minutes,it would probably take longer to type the reply than work out the answer.

Ok then,please remember this is my first ever attempt and i only started yesterday, its very much open the dashboard press buttons go back press more buttons etc etc at the moment.THIS IS VERY MUCH WORK IN PROGRESS.

So if anyone is willing to take a look and perhaps answer some questions.
First off can i ask,first impressions,does the theme look ok.The picture may well not stay i just wanted to see if i could do it.

I obviously have some more questions, more about the actual way to set stuff up but if thats ok to start i really appreciate it.

The link is

Looking good. The only thing I’d change is the uppercase font set in the sidebar for the links. It’s hard to read your links. The other thing I’d change is the font color to a light one on the RSS feed links—black on blue is almost impossible to read.

But you said you had WP questions?

Thanks mate,yes that was going to be a question,i dont like the black on blue but i couldnt find anywhere to change it.

By uppercase i assume you mean on the rss feeds i have,so if thats the case how do i change that.I did have a question about the rss feed.It wasnt updating yesterday.The site it comes from had changed its stories but they hadnt updated on my site.This morning when i logged on it had updated.Is there anything i can do about that or am i reliant on them.

Im trying to get this on the website which i want to put on the side bar above the rss feeds,i assume that is possible?

Also can i get sports stories that are constantly changing and for want of a better way of explaining rolling under the picture on the homepage?

When you’re unsure what styles are used for a given element, then it’s best to always check the HTML source code to see which element, ID or class you need to reference.

For the RSS headings, you can use something like:

h3 a.rsswidget {color:#fff;}

You’ll need to add that into your style.css in /wp-content/themes/mytheme/

As for your feeds, I don’t know what you’re using to retrieve those. The content is external, as is the styling, so if it’s a plugin, then you’ll need to see if you can configure it.

Thanks for that mate,im still trying to find how to do that.


[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]To check the HTML source code use Firefox as a browser and install the plugin call FireBug. Once FireBug is installed then open it (F12) . You will see the FireBug menu so select HTML, this will give you a split screen; on the right-hand screen select the ‘Style’ menu and you should see styles in the right-hand pane. Now it is simply a matter of opening the <body><div><p><h1>… to find the thing you want to change. Once you have located the ID or Class that is controlling the style - they will look something like:

<p id='zany_paragraph' class='purlple_text' >...</p>

You will need to open the css file(s) that control the layout yours is located:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="" />

So open style.css and search for your id or class you want to change. Updating simple styles using CSS is fairly straight forward. [/COLOR]

The RSS client in your website is just that a client, Given your description of having to log in to get it to get the new content then it could be that the rss module can only run under admin, so you should ensure that the rss plugin has proper permissions set. Failing that then you should search the Wordpress plugins for an RSS module that has the features you want, download and install it, then configure it with the RSS feeds given by

Hope this helps.

Thanks mate,i will give that a go later and let you know how i got on.Im using chrome at the moment but will swap to firefox.