Advice for selling my blog

I’m not asking for how much anyone thinks it’s worth, but would like to understand how this whole buy-sell thing works.

The blog and domain would be sold together, that’s a given.
Here’s my problem: I set this up originally as part of my weight loss coaching business. All the content is original (I wrote it) and put up a couple complementary affiliate links.

The demographics for it came from my coaching practice, so all the content, ads, links etc. are aimed squarely at my demographic audience.

As for income, there are no income pictures to show. The blog was to draw women into my sales funnel for private weight loss coaching and my client list is not for sale.

My question: Should I simply bypass the Flippa thing and offer to sell it within the nutrition/coaching/fitness industries direct? I don’t know what the potential would be for anyone else buying it but clients at the low end pay me $99 a month for 4 weeks of one-on-one coaching calls.

There’s a ready-made sales page on the site that can be adapted but that’s about it. Blog is plain as dishwater too.

My business isn’t site flipping, it’s just I really won’t have the time between writing clients and coaching clients to continue providing the original content I’ve been doing since December 2009.

Thank you for any suggestions on selling this blog.

is there any tool or URL where we can check the actual price of out domain… :blush:

Bit of an interesting predicament. First thing, I want to point out that the final price that you get will be reflective in part of how well the site has been monetized, plus the amount of effort that the new owner will have to go through to monetize the site.

The ability to offer proof if income is a very large part of selling your website.

Consider this. If you were in the market for a website, and you saw two websites for sale, both in identical niches, both with the same income, however, one had proof of income, the other did not, which would you buy?

Second, correct me if I am wrong, but if you sell the site, you will not be offering your list with the sale, even though this is the primary money maker on the site. This is a difficult one, I would understand if there are some limits in place that would make it impossible to pass on your list to the new owner, but I can guarantee that if you were able to pass it on, you would see a drastic improvement in the end sale price.

Hope that helps mate. :slight_smile:

Should I simply bypass the Flippa thing and offer to sell it within the nutrition/coaching/fitness industries direct?

If it’s worth large sums of money then approaching targeted buyers in the industry will likely get you the best price.

But from your accounts, there doesn’t seem much there - just a sale page and (maybe) a bit of content. If that’s the case, your best bet is probably Flippa.

It looks like there are two pieces to this: the lead generation (the site) and the product that actually make sthe money (your coaching). If you are selling only one piece, that makes it less desirable for a potential buyer. I guess the site might suit someone who could use the leads the same way you do (rare), or someone who sees “potential” in the site.

How much that potential is worth to anyone is anyone’s guess though.

Why are you selling the site? Is it not working anymore (these are questions a buyer will ask)? Why not sell your coaching course too?

I would say that the best way to prepare the site for sale is to make it generate some income so it can stand alone, independent of the part of your business that is the actual money maker.