Really need help selling website/turnkey package

Hi Guys,

I’m in need of a bit of money at the moment, so I’m thinking of selling my site, so I’m wondering how much I could ask for it and whether or not I am able to sell this on flippa.

First of all, the site was established 16 months ago, with 5 pages of original content. Over the past 16 months its been on autoblog mode, adding both adult and non adult content. Its not an overtly adult site, which is why I am wondering whether I am allowed to sell this on Flippa.

The site comes with a content locker too. At the moment its monetising approximately $140 per month through various affiliate companies. The site is getting 20,000 visitors a month with around 4000 per month unique visitors with pr1. The site also has 325 inbound links according to Google.

The site comes with a unique turnkey money making system where I can scale up earning over time, so I would provide an ebook with it for instructions on how to use it.

So as a money making method and a website, what sort of money could I sell this for? $2000? And with some of the posts on there adult (not all) could I still sell on flippa. This is no way hardcore porn! Just naked celebrities. This is in the entertainment niche.

I believe you can’t sell adult-related sites on Flippa. Not sure how they would treat your website.

Just my two cents, but if it is allowed I’d stay away from using the words “unique turnkey money making system” in your listing.

It would probably put some buyers off.


naked celebrities = adult. thanks.