Advice for getting top dollar for Domain

Hi, I recently purchased the domain, thinking that I could put it to good use, but now I just want to sell it…I want to get top dollar for it, and was wondering what I can do to get that…Should I park it? How can I get revenue from it? How do I get hits? Im a noob, and this is my first time selling a domain, so all of you experts help!!! Thanks :slight_smile:

You can list it on and maybe a few others. To get it sold quickly you would need to do some advertising…

It seems like a good domain name, but it does not mean anything, so it will take the right buyer who can grab it at a decent cost…

Just pulled up some data for the domain to check potential.

Here’s the deal. Its 2 month old domain, it has 3 backlinks, and really not much else apart from a curious domain name. You would still have to wait a month before being allowed to transfer the domain to another registrar as well.

Not meaning to derail you at all, just helping you get an idea of where to go next.

As for parking it, ask yourself, who is going to logically search for that domain? If you had a domain with some really strong keywords, then sure, you could park it and get some revenue, its just not that great a domain name, but that is just my opinion.

From a branding perspective, I love it, but the chances of selling it for top dollar to someone who wants it due to its name as about as likely as me buying back in the late 90’s, and selling it for 50$ to the owners of the site. Consider how many people wanted to set up a social network called “twitter” back in the day. Getting where I am coming from?

Consider this scenario. Imagine that I was setting up a social media network that I wanted to use that domain on. I would base my offer on who else would want that domain. If I knew that no one else was going to offer anything for that domain, I would offer you 50$ for the domain because I know that no one else would pay any higher than that.

Hope that helps you off on the right foot. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response, I have listed it on the go daddy auctions, and afternic, and your right, since the domain doesnt really mean anything it will take more work to get it sold. Also how would I advertise it? And should I make it a website or no? Any other tips? Thanks