How to start a domain business?

I am really interested about domain business. In fact I have bought 7 domain’s for sale. How to develop my site and my business?anybody can you please give me some trusted domain parking site. How can I develop my site to sale more and more? help me please.My site link is given below.

Please tell me how to increase my sale?

Can you clarify exactly what it is you are trying to do? If you’re simply trying to resell domains, those domains above are pretty much worthless. A domain holds value from it’s keywords and organic traffic associated with those keywords. Other factors, such as being brandable, etc also play a factor. You can build a site with valuable content/traffic with those domains and then sell the website. But you’d basically be selling the site for it’s traffic, not for the domain name. If you want to become a domain registrar, you can start by reselling domains through enom. From there, I believe you can register with ICANN to sell domains directly. There is a non-refundable US $3,500 application fee to do so.

There is no clear that how you define the domain business. If you want to earn money by parking domains, you should have some old domains who have PR already.

You can sign up with a domain reseller account such as resellerclub or enom and resell domains that way.


Domains never have PR - only web pages have PR. As soon as you change the ownership of a domain the PR is reset unless the page it points to goes with it.

A domain Registrar sells whatever domain name the buyer wants within any TLD that they are registered to sell provided that it is not already owned by someone else. They have trillions of possible domains available to sell and not just a small number.

If you have domains then you can earn money by parking it. But if you want to start business then you need to open account in Domain reseller program like Reseller club, Network solution etc. and Web page has a Page Rank not a domain.