Adult Swim

Does anyone here ever watch Adult Swim?

If so, do you know the name of the following show…

There is this crime-fighting team of a white guy and a black gal. The female seems smart and practical, whereas the guy is a total block-head. He always seems to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Does that ring any bells?


Never heard of it, but Wikipedia is good for stuff like this. Here are some lists of their programs:

I checked that before posting here, but since there are so many shows, and I don’t have any obvious details like character names or year, it didn’t help.

The show I described seems to be on - in the U.S. - fairly often, although since I saw it in a TV lounge at a truck stop last night while using the restroom, I have no way to know the show’s name?!



If you remember stuff about the characters, try this it’s helped me remember things more than once: