Help - my Blackberry is not working!

Couldn’t resist posting this. :smiley:


:lol: Ralph - I liked that sketch too, especially when he said he was going to put the date in his book :rofl: That was the only sketch I liked in that show unfortunately!

Hah, well, I don’t think we get that show here yet, so it’s the only scene I’ve seen (so to speak). :slight_smile:

Yeah, it was the highlight for me! The show itself, was a one off special for Christmas - but the Two Ronnies are great and worth checking out :smiley:

Yeah, I grew up watching them*. We just haven’t seen the solo version yet, as it’s too hot off the press to have reached us.

‘He’s a frogman,’ little Ronnie says of the man emerging from the water in a wetsuit and gesticulating in a foreign tongue.

‘Yes, I know he’s French,’ retorts big Ronnie irritably…