Been watching the strain

I am enjoying it…my kinda of show of course.
Good special effects and if any you do not like sparkly cute vampires this is the show for you. Whatever sexy might be this vampires are on the other side of the street from it. total 180 from sexy.
And worm infested. Not sexy at all.
but if you watch the latest episode, wouldn’t you think that a close quarter rebar attack would be a great way to get sprayed w/bodly fluid willy nilly? I mean, seriously.

sighhh…nobody here has been watching this then…I guess this is a site for people who like their vampires sparkly.

Most of us probably won’t see it till it’s on Netflix or DVD. :slight_smile: (“us” being the show’s target audience)

This is honestly the first time I’ve ever heard of it. It looks pretty awesome.

lol. What am I? The “chump audience”?
actually don’t have cable, talk about a waste of money. I get it on amazon for a couple of bucks. as I am only watching that show for pay. I feel ok w/it. was watching walking dead but it just got too hopeless and depressing.
Hope you’ll enjoy the strain when you’ll get to it :slight_smile:

This is a web development forum
Discuss web development and you should get more interaction.
Talk vampirism and it’s hit or miss as this forum is not about that.

this is the “general discussion” forum:
“Make new friends, have a good time. Post about your weekends, life and family here. Discuss computer hardware and software issues, industry news, careers and education… pretty much anything goes

It’s true. This is the kind of topic that you would discuss here. But as you can see, not many (if any) has watched it.

It is not available in my country and, although the description I’ve read on internet makes it look like it could have an interesting plot, the images that I found in Google Images makes it look like they focus on gross scenes more than anything.

While I couldn’t care less if a vampire is sexy or not, I am not fond of gross either so it is unlikely that it would get the little time that I have to spend in front of the TV.

It seems that Guillermo del Toro does love original looks furthermore if they’re ugly. And I don’t what to expect of him. While I did like Pacific Rim, (again, ugly monsters but entertaining movie), I thought the Labyrinth of the Faun was slow and boring.

But, as I said, all this specualtion about if I would watch it or not is useless because it is not available in Spain yet. I think it will start this Autumn though.

i had kind tossed it out there just to chat & for the hell of it actually. This is the second time i posted in the general forum and got “semi-hand slapped” for the post not being serious or web related or what not. So think I’ll quit posting in the “make friends” forum and stick to the “develop the web” ones.
As for delToro, i like the horror/monster stuff myself. Yep. Labyrinth was boring. Pacific Rim too. but semi fun. You could appreciate the fx. My fave would be mimic, blade2 and espinazo del diablo.
And now I shall depart to the rest of my day.
ciao all

Sorry if I was unclear. I didn’t mean my post as a hand slap, but as a reason for

sighhh…nobody here has been watching this then…I guess this is a site for people who like their vampires sparkly.

And I should have worded it differently.

Similar to how I use “OP” for both “original poster” and “opening post” I use “forum” for both the SitePoint fourms as a whole and for individual sub-forums.
But I too often forget that just because I know what I mean doesn’t ensure others do :shifty:

What I meant is that the SitePoint forums (as a whole) are web dev forums.
Of the forums members, some may have seen the show - TBH it sounds like one I might like once it gets to antenna TV

But the percentage that have seen it here will be lower than if the forums main focus was about TV shows, Sci-Fi, Horror, etc.

Also, I’m not sure it’s available to watch anywhere other than the US at the moment. According to Alexa (which may or may not be accurate) only 17.4% of the SitePoint audience is from the US, which further cuts down the number of folk likely to have something to contribute.

Alexa is such a bad source of information and kinda always has been. I wonder if Google would ever consider releasing Alexa-like information? Obviously not to the extent they track, but just as kind of a general idea of site demographics that’s publicly accessible. They generally seem to try to help people develop a better internet and something like that would most certainly help… at least I would think anyway. I know they kinda have it for your own site, but I don’t have much experience with that.


Agreed. :slight_smile: It’s not something I usually look at, but it was the quickest way I could think of to get a general idea of the % of users from the US. (I have the FlagFox FF extension installed, which includes easy access to Alexa. It was just laziness, really. :))[/ot]

I think I noticed an advert for it on Sky this evening; I didn’t see anything there that would encourage me to watch it.

We also watch very little. We just have Freeview, and only had about 15 channels available in our area - until this afternoon. There was an instruction to retune because the menu had been updated, or somesuch - and suddenly we have a whole wheen of extra channels. Including things we might actually want to watch, like Drama and ITV3. We’re stunned, because we weren’t expecting ever to get any better coverage than we had.

@pdxSherpa; It looks like your problem is that you are a lucky one and the only one that is watching the show !

Regarding @Mittineague;… well, don’t worry about him. He’s a genious but he can only think about work… Which suits me fine because then I don’t need to use my :whip: to make him go faster :stuck_out_tongue: