Adobe Business Catalyst RSS Export

Hello everyone!

I need some serious help here. I have never worked with Adobe BC before now, and I must say I am NOT a fan. I am moving a client’s blog from Adobe BC into Wordpress, and since BC doesn’t offer an export function, I’m having to use RSS, which isn’t necessarily a big deal, except in BC it is starting to be!

Created an RSS channel and put all blog posts into it (around 200), and then copied the code into a txt file and imported into Wordpress.

It only gave me around 30 posts. So I made sure all the blog posts were included, which they were, and tried the same file again. Then I ended up with around 50 blog posts. I am so confused why it isn’t including all of them. The ones uploaded were all the most recent ones, back until May. It won’t get anything older than that.

Am I a complete idiot, or what is going on here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

[FONT=Georgia]Wow, that’s baffling!

So you’re saying, when you look at the txt file, you’re seeing all two hundred posts, but when you then import into Wordpress you’re only getting fifty?

How are you importing them, by the way?[/FONT]

Baffling indeed! No, Adobe Business Catalyst isn’t inserting all 200 into the txt file, even though I’m telling it to. It only inserts the most recent ones, going back to May. Is there a setting that prohibits the number of posts allowed?

UPDATE: I created a new RSS channel, and added all blog posts to it (my client actually has around 1800 blog posts!!) and it only inserted 100 of them into the text file. I’m stumped.

[FONT=Georgia]If your observation is right that it’s stopping at a particular month, May, then it probably is a setting somewhere.

Does Business Catalyst have a customer support website you could try? Maybe submit a support ticket? I’m sure they would if the service is meant for non-webdevelopers.[/FONT]

It would make sense if it was a setting, but I haven’t been able to find anything. I contacted Adobe via a contact form, and they told me to use Windows Live Writer to access the blog and then use it to export it to Wordpress. The problem with that is…Writer won’t let me access the blog! I have searched online and apparently Business Catalyst won’t let me access the blog via SSL, even though Writer requires it. I am so far beyond frustrated with this and I will forever try to steer people away from Adobe Business Catalyst, just because of the huge difficulties I’ve had with this task that should be very simple, and the terrible response times I’ve experienced with their customer support. I responded to them to let them know Writer won’t let me access the blog over 15hrs ago, and haven’t received a response.


I hope you get through it.[/FONT]

Thanks :slight_smile:
I just wish I could find someone who is familiar with Business Catalyst! I don’t think anyone is! lol.

ha! Well after the things you’ve been telling us, it seems there’re very good reasons for that!