Wordpress or other for client sites?

I am more and more put in a position where I am asked to and want to build a 5 to 10 page site for local business owners.

I have just had yet another day of frustration with the Wordpress thing and am wondering what others are doing instead of the overly recommended WP 3.0.

Thanks ahead of time.

One thing to add is that I am looking over the BC, business catalyst by adobe and it looks like more than I could have asked for even though it comes with a typical Adobe price tag…
Is anyone here using it??

If you’re asking whether you should use WP or (something else), you’ll probably get some good answers if you clearly outline the requirements.

It sounds like it needs to have a CMS: so, are these business clients going to be managing their content after you plop the site in their laps? Does the quality of the admin panel/built-in editor matter to you or them (does it generate garbage instead of code? Is it accessible? do the clients care?)?

How complicated are these sites supposed to be?

What specifically were you using WP for?

What have you seen/noticed in other CMS/template programs that you think you’d be interested in?

Do you have the time/enthusiasm to learn a (possibly hideously complicated but powerful) CMS?

I can’t answer the Catalyst question, but possibly someone here is using/has used it.

Oh, and welcome to Sitepoint! : )

Hi Stomme thanks for the reply.

Yes a CMS is the direction I am heading for sure…sigh,…yet another learning curve

As far as the clients managing their own website SEO work…:lol:
You must have a different sort of client than I do.

The smart ones don’t want to and the others,…well I show them what is involved and they have so far all opted for a full solution deal.
I have two who insisted on access but they have never touched anything so far.

As far as complexity there is none in the beginning but I have a few clients and potential ones who will eventually want to have a full business website.

I write content the best and research for keywords and themes to market to carefully so I do not aim at a flashy site but one that is optimized first for the reader and then for our mutual friends the search engines…

However the last three customers I have talked to have shown me some Video and picture laden sites that they admire and want me to emulate…

As far as having the time and enthusiasm to master the CMS you allude to,…Umm SURE bring it on.

I will conquer anything that has huge back-end benefits as I’ve heard a good grasp of a CMS can.

And I DO need to be able to build sites fast and functional from simple starts to complex endings that are set up for an escape plan of selling to another capable so and so.

I hope that clears things up a bit…it is late.

I hope you have a great evening and a good day tomorrow.

Thanks again

Brad Bylsma

Have you tried the “Weaver” theme for Wordpress yet? I find this theme (really many themes in one) to transform Wordpress development entirely so that I no longer feel any need to move from WP3 to a bigger CMS for mid sized sites. I have made three or four with little effort and they even validate. The only pages that don’t validate come from the embed video technology which imports errors from the site you embed the video from, or particular plugins.

In any case I recommend you give the “Weaver” theme a try before you give up on wordpress 3.

Thanks ED.

Jeesh us Island guys must all drink the right stuff…:cool:
I’m in the Alberni Valley.

I have been marveling at this Weaver Theme for the last couple of days…:smiley:

It is so Screwy too…I have paid for three all in one themes and sent them back for lack of support and just plain old hard to figure out.

And here this Weaver is making this job look possible.

Thanks for the Confirm

Take care and thanks for the attention.

Glad I could help.

I think WordPress is probably over-featured for a 5-10 page site. Really, despite advances in WordPress, unless your sites have a blog or blog-like (e.g., news, reviews, whatever) section, the WordPress is not the best option.

There are an almost infinite number of CMSs out there, and some of them are pretty simple. You could try something like Perch (Perch - A really little content management system (CMS)). Disclaimer, though: I haven’t used this CMS; my sites tend to be fairly large and complex so I use either WordPress or MODx, but I don’t think either are ideal for a small site.

Thanks for the reply.

I see your point about WP but I think I will stick it out with it for a while yet.

Most, if not all, of the clients I have and am pursuing for the near future will need sites that grow into larger ones with a lot of content pages.

I like writing content off of the research I do and still believe it to be the best approach to long term SEO.

by the way I really liked your story.
Now you have me wondering what this Emma will turn out like…:rolleyes:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

We use word press for one page sites, sale letters up to large sites…

G-Day to you ManieE…:cool:

You know I am using wordpress now for everything from One pagers to my usual 5 page website started packages and am getting very use to it.

I used to use Blogger and WP.com to set up a quick site if someone needed an example or if i wanted to get someones attention but the lack of control and features is starting to drive me crazy.

The more I use WP the more I am wondering why anyone would use anything else…they all seem to add steps…??
And being a lazy Red/Blue personality who has limited time to spare I do not appreciate systems or tools that take more of me away from what I want to do. Which is less.

Thanks for the reply.
And I hope you have a great week…;-))


A few years ago we used Joomla a lot, but WP have less of a learning curve and for me it is much quicker to get things done with WP!

Yeah I have read a bit about joomla and a few of the others and recognize the loyalty factor but when I read the posts and articles from 2 years back or more what people were complaining about in Wordpress has long since been fixed.

Seems to me that joomla and a few of the others have falled far behind Wordpress.

But then what do I know…:eek: