What are your thoughts on Adobe Business Catalyst?

Hey guys,

I have been learning Joomla these past few months and just tried to sell it to one of my clients only to be outsold by another developer selling Adobe Business Catalyst.

This is the first time i have heard of it. After some research i discovered it is subscription based, cloud hosting cms. Supports ecommerce, email marketing, forms, crm out of the box. developers get a commission for signing new clients up. Between 10-20%

Not too sure how hard customising templates are but i can see the benefits.

I was wondering if any developer or designers here have used this solution?

What are your experiences?

Can Joomla provide a client friendly experience such as ABC?


Those solutions certainly have their merits. Another similar one is SquareSpace. I haven’t used BC, but the main downsides I see are—

  • you may be in a spot of bother if you decide you want to move your site later on (presumably it’s pretty much dependent on the system it was designed for)
  • if BC doesn’t have some functionality you need, there may not be many options for adding it. (That’s my misgiving about SquareSpace, anyhow.)

There are advantages, though.

  • you don’t have to worry about server maintenance / updates etc.
  • it has a lot of business functionality out of the box that would be a pain to set up on other systems.
  • if you are a Creative Cloud member, you get some free BC hosting.