Blogger to WordPress move is giving me broken code

Hi. I’m trying to move a blog from Blogger to WordPress. I did a test run a few months ago on a different server and it worked fine.

Yesterday I moved everything and after importing all the formatting is off on the new blog. All the posts & tags imported, but the links and images aren’t working. It just shows raw code where the links/images should be.

I’m working with a new host here and I’m not sure if it is a permissions issue or what. I’ve never seen this before. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Thanks in advance.

OK. So I tried setting up on first, importing from Blogger there, and then exporting and importing WP file to my domain.

And it worked!!!

Thank you so much. If you weren’t across the pond from me, I’d buy you a pint. You rock.

Thanks. I am going to try that. I did the whole thing fresh yesterday and got the same result.

I deleted my db, set up a new one, installed WP2.9.2, got that up & running, exported Blogger using their tool, imported to WP using WP dashboard, and got same result.

I’ve done it three times now and every time all the links import all broken. And the thing that is driving me nuts is that I did a test run a few months back & it worked fine.

I’ll let you know how the method works for me. Thanks for the advice.

Wow. No one else has ever seen this issue when importing Blogger into WordPress??

I seriously have no idea why everything is moving over OK except “<” & “>”.

How tremendously frustrating.

How did you do the import? Through your Wordpress installation?

Something could have gone wrong during the import - have you tried repeating the import afresh?

The only issue I had with the import from Blogger to Wordpress was that my host was limiting the amount of memory for any single process and the import needed a little more. One way to get around issues like this is to set up a private blog at and import from Blogger to there. Once that is all done and working fine, you can export from there and import the resulting xml file into your own installation of Wordpress. It is an extra step, but has more generous memory size and time allocations than most shared hosts for this process so might help you out.

It looks like what is happening is that all the greater than “>” and less than “<” symbols are being stripped out of the HTML in the transfer from Blogspot to WordPress. Everything else appears to be there.

Has anyone seen a similar issue or know what could be causing this??