Added css3pie & normalize.css now can't see my background image on IE

I added this bit of code to my style sheet,
And of course in the folder i have the pie.php & the

behavior: url(PIE.php);

and also i added a link to the normalize.css, and…of course it works on my home laptop. both local and live (pretty sure it was late last night)
But today went to check IE and the background images wont show up…
Checked validator, only a couple of errors, will fix, but I don’t think they caused this.
Could it have been throwing the normalize.css in the mix?

here is one of the pages


Try removing the comma from the old browsers rule here:

	background:url('imgs/engineeringLgBGround.png') no-repeat, #7db9e8;  /* Old browsers */


	background:url('imgs/engineeringLgBGround.png') no-repeat #7db9e8;  /* Old browsers */

thank you Ralph. crossing fingers it’ll do.

That Ralph gets everywhere :slight_smile:

Thank you Paul! Apologies. I blame multi tasking!
But yes it also good to have that ralph in the sitepoint forum in the mix. Not to metion ronpat, dresend-phoenix…I am keeping you guys too busy!
Thank you for all your help…