Content background not showing in IE - CSS issue?

Hi Everyone,

I’m very frustrated. I cannot figure out why the content background is not showing on my blog in IE.

It works in Safari and Firefox.

Blog URL is

I’ve narrowed it down to the section of the Style sheet causing the problem:
#main {

clear: both;
overflow: hidden;
padding: 40px 0 40px 0;
background: url(images/contentbg1.png) no-repeat, url(images/contentbg2.png) repeat-y;


Thanks in advance for any help.


The site looks fine in IE to me, but IE desn’t support multiple background images, which is a CSS3 thing, so if you want two images to show, you’ll have to use older techniques, such as having an extra wrapper div.

There, fixed.

After all, there’s a reason CSS3 is called “DRAFT” and not “RECOMMENDATION” – since it is NOT recommended for use.

JUST like the HTML5 doctype you shouldn’t be using, the decade out of date technique of <br clear=“all”>, (which on top of being an out of date method, isn’t even a valid element for clear or a valid value FOR clear), and the use of inlining static scripting and CSS making no use of caching models across multiple pages…

Much less the 233k of javascript for NOTHING and annoying sticky footer that’s broken here in Opera and IE.

You’re up to almost 800k in 48 files for something that should probably be around 120k in 20 or so files… probably why it takes almost 20 seconds to load here on a 22mbps connection.

I figure if it is supported by some browsers, it’s “current”. Kind of like when 2011 dawned in Australia, the US was still languishing in 2010. To refer to 2010 at that point, I would have needed to call it the “older/previous” year, though some slower adopters would want it called the “current” year. :lol: