Fixes and advice for IE issues

so still working on the main page mostly.

  1. Confused as to why a simple transparent png wont repeat in the header.
    and for gradients i am using in the css
border-bottom: 1px solid #464644;

but it is not picked up in IE??? that shouldn’t even be an issue.

  1. In IE the content for the modal window comes up. while it is correctly hidden in chrome & ff.

  2. What is a hack for IE not recognizing the

@media only screen and (max-width: 320px) 

Any advice on how to work w/that as well? is there a great site for IE hacks?

Thank you all and have a great beginning of a new week.

header {
    background-repeat:[color=red][s]yes-[/s][/color]repeat;    /* delete the [color=red]red[/color] */
    border-bottom: 1px solid #464644;


A link to the page would help.

Which version of IE are you talking about?

Thank you Ron. it seemed like such a simple thing so hadn’t thought the link would matter.
but it is my tester site
as for IE…anything that makes it work.
especially when it comes to the modal window. I to the main page in chrome & ff & it is hidden. in IE, right there at the bottom bright as day.
Thank you

Use The css3pie so that ie will understand css3 elements and the media queries. Team S plus H

will go check it out.
had never heard of that one. have you tried both, the shim & pie?
Thank you.

The code for that “modal window” exists below the close body tag. It should be before the close body tag. Nothing should exist below the close body and close html tags. It is one of the many errors that you would identify and fix if you validated your HTML code.