Background image not working in IE

My background image is working properly in every browser except IE.
It doesn’t show at all.

body {background:#eeede6 url(images/background.png) no-repeat;}

Can anyone help me with this?

Hi, Welcome to Sitepoint :slight_smile:

We’d need a little more to go on that that snippet as it appears to be ok so could be something else at fault. Do you have a link to the problem concerned?

A common bug is where you don’t leave a space after the closing url bracket and IE ignores the rule.


body {background:#eeede6 url(images/background.png)no-repeat;}

However the snippet you posted does have a gap and therefore should be ok.

Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

i solved it. I just needed to save image as an 8-bit, it was 24-bit.

Thanks anyway!

Modern versions of IE should have been OK with this. Was it an IE6 issue?

Unless you are talking about transparent images in IE6 then 24 bit images would be ok. Or perhaps you are not using a doctype and then all versions of IE will revert to behave much like ie5 and not understand transparency in png images (among many other bad things).:slight_smile:

Aha, thanks, i know what you’re talking about, i hate IE :slight_smile: