Download Presentation w/o Facebook

Is there a way to download this presentation without having a Linked-In or FaceBook account?

I tried disabling JavaScript and looking at the Page Source and in FireFox’s Tools > Page Info > Media and couldn’t find a way to by-pass things.

(Since they are allowing downloads, I don’t feel too bad trying to “hack” there isntance on my using a FaceBook or Linked-In account that I will NEVER have…) :rolleyes:



You can create an account specific to slideshare.

On the login/signup pop-up, there is a link all the way at the bottom that says “sign up for a slideshare account”.

Any way to even bypass that?


No. You have to be a registered user of Slideshare or an approved account so that the content cannot be blatantly stolen by all and sundry.

If you want the content- sign up or move on.