About Unnatural inbound Link pattern?

We’ve removed all our unnatural links after getting hurt from google manual penalty for Unnatural links. But google is still considering links on Branded term coming from the Author Bio as an unnatural link pattern.

For example,

" XYZ working as a reactjs developer at example.com which deals in a mobile app solution. XYZ also likes to write on different mobile technologies and with keen interest on mobile app development platforms."

Google identify link on example.com as an unnatural link. How come link on Branded term is considered as a Unnatural Links?

In order to give more clarity about our link pattern You can visit this post’s Author Bio section, Our Author Bio is just similar as it is i.e Backlink is coming from Branded term from the Author Bio.

Let me know if you have experienced such manual penalty like the way we’re experiencing? Any Help would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forums, @albertraynott.

My guess would be that Google is considering not just the link, but also the context, and the page on which it has been posted. Posting a link in an author bio on a site like SitePoint, which only publishes articles vetted and approved by the site owners is rather different to posting articles on sites which allow anyone to post. Links which Google considers to be “not editorially vouched for” should be marked as “nofollow” by the site, to prevent problems.

You can find more information on the kind of links Google considers problematic here:

Thanks a lot for your response. I have got two samples from google itself which has backlinks coming from our brand name. I hope that We need to maintain the anchor text ratio because Most of the links to our website coming from our branded Anchor text which can send negative signal to google.

What do you say?

The only advice I can give you is to ensure you are following Google’s guidelines. Read them carefully, and ask yourself honestly whether or not your links are “intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results”.

If yes, then you have a problem and you need to rectify it.

And again: