Question Regarding Dealing with Unnatural Links

Hi There,

I am currently working on one of my client’s site that was affected by a manual SPAM Penatly for Unnatural Links.

I have removed 50% of the active links that were SPAMMY and managed to get it reconsidered.

So the manual spam penalty got removed successfully.

Now there are plenty of SPAMMY links still pointing to many of the site’s pages some of them which happen to be Doorway pages created to rank for specific keywords. I am changing all that and getting rid of the pages which are no longer useful from a content point of view.

Now my question is will deleting these doorway pages help in decreasing the amount of BAD links pointing to the site because I assume by doing this, the SPAMMY links are useless as the link they point to on the client’s site won’t exist any more.

So will that decrease the Bad Back-link ratio.

I just came across this. But I want your expert thoughts on this.