Social Bookmarking Issue


Since last one month my social bookmarking links are not being cached. Can anyone tell me why

Have you read Google’s guidelines on link schemes?

In particular, you may find this part relevant (my bold):

Un-natural links are also cached and also posting links in relevant category on social bookmarking sites are not considered as Spam

When you say that your links aren’t being cached, I presume you mean they’re not showing in GWT, or have I misunderstood you?

Both ways, in Webmaster tool as well as when searching whose links on Google using operator “site” or on searching the cached version of the page, it shows the links are not being cached.

If you read the article I linked to in my last post, it states that both methods just show a sample of links, not all links.

I have face this issue a long time before, A year ago I was doing SEO I get better response. I got backlinks on edu site. I get Link juice and good page authority the backlinks is still live . But after a month when I get another back-link with new website it doesn’t show any worth neither I get referral traffic. In my openion I always choose quality links with update articles with core relevancy.